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Supportive Network

Supportive Circle

The Divine


Empowerment Workshop

Divine Life Motivation empowerment workshops help to provide a holistic balance for the mind, body, and soul. Each workshop provides resources and tools that help you delve deep into the areas that are blocking your personal growth and success. These workshops can provide a guide to developing a greater sense of self and soul connection. The goal is to feel more empowered and more connected to your personal journey.


Bundled Sessions are available after Assessment


Energy Reading

Divine Life Motivation spiritual readings honor an art that has been around for centuries. Through a spiritual reading, we will get a sense of your unique energy sources and your chakras. Then, we will interpret the meaning of it and how you can channel that energy in a manner that will assist you in accomplishing your goals. As an Intuitive Empath, a spiritual reading session provides a safe space to restore your energy.

30 Minute 1:1 Energy Reading for $50

60 Minute 1:1 Energy Reading for $120


Energy Clearing Workshop

Just like there are times to spring clean your house, routine energy clearing is good for your mind, body and soul. The mind is 5% conscious and 95% subconscious. Emotions can get blocked if a stressor is too much for you to handle and can overload the nervous system which then becomes stored in the surrounding muscles, organs and connective tissue. Energy clearing workshops provides you with resources and tools to learn and understand the power of removing the energy that is trapped in order to restore your focus and your peace.



Law of Manifestation Workshop

Manifestation is the act of harnessing your inner power to turn your dreams into your reality. Divine Life Motivation can help you master the art of manifestation. Once you have determined the source of your inner strength and remove the unconscious behaviors that are blocking your path, you will see that it opens up unlimited opportunities for you to thrive. The tools and resources provided will open your heart’s desires, personally and professionally.


Bundled Sessions are available after Assessment

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction Workshop

The Law of Attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life and work through the process of determining – with clarity – what you want in your life, and how to achieve, empower and motivate goals that you have for yourself. Sessions consist of tools, resources and guided exercises to achieve personal and professional outcomes.


Bundled Sessions are available after Assessment

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