One of these things is not like the Other

I took a break from writing weekly wisdom because I embarked on a new journey in my career. 

I was searching for a new job for over a year and I was emotionally drained from the pandemic. My body was reeling from all the things I internalized and I felt trapped in an aching body. I tried all kinds of remedies: yoga, prayer, acupuncture, Jameson, crystals, and carbs – just to name a few. I was at a real low point and feeling frustrated, trapped,hopeless and resigned to my fate of perpetual suffering.

I often get messages from spirit to share with friends or family. About a week before the job offer came, I received a message from spirit, but it wasn’t for someone else…it was for me.

My Uncle B, a man I met as a baby, came to me and told me not to worry about anything. He was quite comforting, he told me to drink some sweet red wine and listen to Stevie Wonder. 

I was in my office, working at my desk and listening to music and the phone rang. I always found music to be like therapy or church, a soothing balm for my soul. I interviewed for a job a couple of months prior and the call was from the hiring manager I interviewed with. We exchanged pleasantries and I readied myself for rejection. Much to my surprise, he called and extended an offer to me. I was SHOCKED!!! I felt like I was having an out of body experience. Things began to shift for me emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 

Several months have passed since I started my new job and I feel like I have had the opportunity to shed a lot of emotional baggage. Looking back, I felt like the dark place I was in emotionally was ready to release me. My body began to feel lighter as I was able to clear out the negative emotions tied to my former work life. My life was changing, please don’t think I pinned all of my happiness to this job. The career shift allowed me to create an emotional space for healing, joy, gratitude, and growth. Also, know those first few months were sprinkled with fear and misery…Have I done the right thing? Do I know what I am doing? Am I going to be okay? Will I succeed? It was a major life change for me and it became a time of transformation and renewal.

I was speaking with my sister, one of the most empowering persons I know, and we were reflecting on where we were in our careers. She has helped so many people in so many ways and I received the lionshare of her empowerment energies. Truly an angel here on earth, she saved my life in more ways than I could ever recount on paper. She and I chuckled about the lives we used to live and how much we had grown and evolved. 

I brought up Sesame Street, we recalled the segment of the show, “One of these things is not like the other”. I was always so excited to call out the object that was not like the others.  We agreed that we as individuals are okay with not being like the other. Early in life we are taught to conform, follow along and be like everyone else. After 47 years on the planet, I am embracing not being like the others and I must say it feels like where I needed to be all along. 

January 2022

Mental Health is Mental Wealth

One of my favorite books is Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss. Caroline describes that our journey Is a contract between your own soul and the universe. 

“Our words, thoughts, deeds, and Visions influence our individual health just as they affect the health of everyone around us. As vital parts of a larger, Universal Spirit, we each have been put here on Earth to fulfill a sacred contract that enhances our personal spiritual growth while contributing to the evolution of the entire Global soul. A contract is your overall relationship to your personal power and your spiritual power. It is how you work with your energy and whom you give it to. It is also how much you are willing to surrender to Divine guidance.”

Throughout the book Caroline expands by defining that your sacred contract is based on your twelve archetypes. “Archetypes are The Architects of Our Lives.” 

How do you define yourself? Do you see yourself as a liberator, judge, healer, gambler, detective, destroyer, bully, queen, and advocate? These are just a few listed in the book. Your moods and emotions influence how your archetypal patterns arrange themselves in your life

There are times when you can feel frustrated with yourself or with someone else. Why do they behave that way? Why is that situation the way that it is? Wow, this is going so well in my life! Finally!

This book has helped me gain guidance on having the perspective and shift in mindset knowing that we all have our own sacred contract to fulfill. Although I still get frustrated I also have tremendous joy. This conversation was meant to happen, this scenario was supposed to happen. And when things come and go that was supposed to happen as well. 

Carolyn also shares that people and situations either drain you or enhance you. When I ask myself that question and being aware of the answer, that is a gift from the divine that can really help you maneuver through this life. I also had to get clear about how I was draining myself and others and working towards enhancing myself. That was a game-changer and still is. Sometimes doing the work feels like carrying a boulder up a hill, but once you get to the top, what a view!

Love and Light,


Growing ABOVE and Beyond

This week was rather interesting both personally and professionally. This week at work there were a few scenarios that quite honestly stressed me out and the old me would struggle how to process but the new me embraces that it’s important to process but then it’s also important to have acceptance and by acceptance meaning how I’m going to move going forward. 

I also had the amazing opportunity to have a great conversation with one of my colleagues about Covid. This person really went through it with Covid from losing taste buds, not being able to smell fragrances or foods, challenging cognition while starting a new role and being responsible for several tasks. I said you know my sister and I have talked frequently about Covid and I mentioned to her that eventually one day it will be important to forgive Covid. Forgive the time that was lost, celebrations being delayed, fear of death, knowing people who have died, and the turmoil of not wanting to wear masks but knowing how important it is to try to stay safe. Nobody asked for Covid, nobody asked to shelter in place and honestly there was this layer of anger. Covid happened, It is still happening and Covid may never ever leave us, but now when I think about Covid and I think about how to maneuver through Covid that process has become more accepting.  There are times where you can look at a situation and realize that it’s scary, or not safe and potentially toxic and the key to dealing with that situation is knowing how you want to move and how you want to feel.

Just like situations or scenarios with work, life, family and friends, forgiveness is healing. Now when I look at a storm I always remember that at the end of every storm is a rainbow. There is also another great quote that I love, “ I forgive people but that doesn’t mean I accept their behavior or trust them. I forgive them for me, so I can let go and move on with my life”. 

After I mentioned about forgiving Covid there was this loving silence on the other end of the line. My colleague said oh, I am so angry and now I know what I need to do with that anger. I need to forgive Covid. I mentioned that there was no rush and there’s no timeline and it’s not overnight. What you have gone through has really changed you, but your best self is on the other side of healing. Please try to not allow Covid  to take away any more time than it already has because you’re a bright light in this world and the world needs more bright lights. 

I look back on the last five years and have gotten to the place where I have forgiven the time that I spent on situations and scenarios and it has been a true game-changer. I used to have incessant chatter, focus on situations that I could not fix, and I realized that when I focused on toxicity it was an excuse to not focus on myself. and when I finally turned that corner the view from my soul was no longer a storm, but a rainbow. 

The Permission Slip

I remember when I was in elementary school one of my favorite things was bringing home a permission slip for my parents to sign. The permission slip was more than obtaining parental consent. The permission slip meant something to plan for, to anticipate and to experience. 

As adults, we need to write our own permission slip. I recently made a major career change. Prior to the change I was advised to write down my vision of what I really wanted out of this new career path. I was instructed to write a check for my desired salary. I made a list of traits that my leadership team would possess. 

I was pleasantly surprised when the job offer came in, it exceeded what I had anticipated or planned for. The Universe listens and is conspiring to support you and fulfill your vision. What do you want to write on your permission slip?


This is a significant milestone in our country’s history. I was conflicted about what I should write this week and I didn’t want to overlook the significance of today’s date. We can all remember where we were on this day and the range of emotions we felt. Twenty years later, when I hear the phrase, “never forget” I can’t help but to think, always remember.

Always remember life is strange and beautiful all at once.

Always remember grief is the price of love.

Always remember in times of tragedy and pain there can be comfort and healing.

Always remember compassion and gratitude can guide you through uncertainty.

Always remember love is why we are all here.

Always remember to honor those who have died by living.

Always remember every day is an opportunity to be better.

Always remember. 

In Memoriam

Disclaimer:  No one actually died

I have been on a job search for quite some time and recently I interviewed for a new role that I was really excited about. 

I knew the experience I had may seem unconventional to the interview panel. I could sense they felt the position would have been a departure more so than an evolution of prior experiences.

Why am I writing about this? The real task of the human spirit is knowing and accepting that we are more than our past experiences. The past does not have to be the only factor in defining our future. We are so much more than our past experiences.

Where we come from does not automatically determine where we are going.

I spent many years in the profession of nursing. I wasn’t born a nurse, I became a nurse, but it is not the only thing I can do.

I have to bury the nurse. My spirit is ready to evolve.

Whether it is a career change or a spiritual change, you don’t have to stay in that place, our job is to evolve.

Have you met your future self?

I read a great book recently, Inward by Yung Pueblo. A couple of insights in the book struck a chord with me. “Sometimes people are simply meant to teach you how not to act in the future” and “everyone is a teacher, but that does not mean everyone is correct.”

Have you ever come across someone who made you feel uncomfortable and made you feel like running the other way? Perhaps you felt drained by the interaction. These people are teachers…they are telling you how not to behave, pay attention.

Other times, you meet someone and connect with them almost instantly. My sister introduced me to a friend of hers to discuss a career opportunity. We chatted for about an hour and by the end of the conversation I knew I was being introduced to my future self. What do I mean? I could feel a connection, the best parts of her were reaching out to the best parts of me. Our intentions were aligned, I felt so encouraged and energized by our conversation. Similarly, my sister met with a leader in her organization and had a moving experience. She could see her future self in this person just as I could see my future self by meeting her friend.

We are always learning and growing, whether we are a teacher or a student. The person who makes you uncomfortable or drains you is your teacher, telling you how not to behave. The person who encourages and energizes you is your teacher. Be a good student and pay attention, your future self is depending on you!


Be Respectful of the Journey

I had dinner with a close friend and we were catching up after many months of not being able to sit down and share a meal. We discovered we were both dealing with family members who now have developed anxiety since the pandemic. We discussed strategies, discussed do’s and don’ts and talked about the need to be respectful of that individual’s journey.

 I have learned over the years that as an empath when someone I care about is struggling my instinct is to dive in and help. This could be labeled as rescue energy. It wasn’t until very recently when I was speaking with another empath, she advised me to be respectful of the journey. 

We all have our own paths to follow in life and we may have good intentions and want to intervene. Trying to rescue someone is not being respectful of their journey. You can offer support and provide comfort but you don’t have to be a fixer.


After the Storm

A few days ago a tornado touched down less than a mile from my home. We went down to our basement after hearing the tornado sirens and getting a storm warning on our phones. We lost power for a few hours but otherwise we weathered the storm. The following day, my husband and children took a bike ride to survey the damage. We saw a neighborhood devastated less than a mile away.

After seeing the damage, my third-grader turned to me and said, “These past couple of years have been hard and now this.” I told her we have to be grateful especially in the midst of life’s difficult moments. We can choose to see only the negative or we can find gratitude, hope and kindness. As we rode around, we saw neighbors helping one another, crews working to restore power, police directing traffic, and there was a generosity of spirit in the air.

A tornado can be tragic but gratitude, hope, and kindness can be restored in the aftermath. 

5/19/2021 Re-entry

I spoke to a close friend the other day and she shared she was feeling overwhelmed and stressed because her life is beginning to ‘return to normal’. She rattled off a list of tasks she had to complete in preparation for a vacation with friends. I could feel the anxiety she was trying to work through. She is an extrovert and is always busy with a full calendar. Our exchange made me realize that a ‘return to normal’ is a process. An array of emotions can be expected. As an introvert, I am struggling with the inevitability of seeing family and friends face-to-face. During the pandemic, I was happy to connect (from a distance) with those I am close to and I managed to forge stronger bonds with those I may not have been as close to prior the pandemic. 

The introvert and the extrovert are now faced with re-entry. We are like astronauts leaving space and coming back down to earth. We have to leave one atmosphere and re-enter a new atmosphere. The process of re-entry can be stressful but it can be exciting and full of promise.

I remember being a kid and watching astronauts returning from a space mission. Seeing the capsule splashdown in the water was always cause for celebration. The task at hand for the introvert and extrovert is to prepare for re-entry.

05/12/2021 – LOVE OF WORDS

For as long as I can remember I have had a love of words. Words can be so powerful and evoke strong emotions. The words ‘victim’ and ‘survivor’ are prime examples of words that elicit an array of feelings. ‘Victim’ and ‘survivor’ can often be associated with loss. 

As an empath, those words in particular signal the birth of a warrior. Warriors are defined as brave fighters. When one is labeled a victim or survivor, the greatest fight one will most often endure is allowing love, compassion, and light in to soothe the loss. Don’t let those words ‘victim’ or ‘survivor’ define you, create a new definition. 

You are a warrior because you moved past the label of ‘victim’ or ‘survivor’ and you are brave for allowing love, compassion, and light in to soothe the loss.

05/05/2021 – Behind the Waterfalls

Have you ever been to Niagara falls? I was reflecting on a trip to Niagara falls I took with my husband and two children a few years ago. The falls are an amazing force of nature. The falls proved to be a reminder of the challenges life presents. You could be drifting along on the raft of life and all of a sudden the gentle meander downstream turns into a raging rapid and you are tossed over the falls wondering how you are going to survive this. Somehow, you are able to move beyond the roaring turbulent waters and move to a place of calm. Behind the falls, is where the calm is. You can appreciate the power and force of the falls but not be overwhelmed by it. Remember whatever your waterfall challenge is…there is a magnificent calm behind the falls.

4/28/2021 – clarity

It’s an overcast and rainy day here in IL and somehow the rain symbolizes clarity and fresh starts. Have you ever looked back and think of someone or a situation and feel so much clarity in the present moment? When you get clear, alignment begins to take place and there is an ebb and flow inside of you. Clarity has it’s own energy field and can provide a peace inside of you that requires acceptance, letting go and forgiveness. When you can give this gift to yourself you make space for what belongs to you. In moments of uncertainty or confusion close your eyes and visualize what a moment of clarity looks like for you. What do you see? What do you hear? How do you feel? Know that when you have that conversation with yourself, that is your intuition  sharing what your spirit wants. It took a while to become clear, but now that I am here, it’s hard to go back to anyone or any situation that isn’t in my best interest. Say to the Universe, I wish that person and/or situation love and light. Then carry on being the best version you can be one day at a time. 

4/21/2021 – Launch Date for DLM

With so much going on in the world, I wanted to provide a platform that provides a safe space to smile. Days can be filled with a full-time career, a family, taking care of a loved one and throughout the day, finding some quiet time, maybe with a cup of tea, Divine Life Motivation comes to mind. I am a lover of quotes, inspirational books, and meeting people that the Universe has placed in my path that I learn from.

What I have learned over the last several years is the power of Intuition. As you’re reading this, know that your Intuition is always with you. Like an antenna to a radio, when you start to fine tune your Intuition an abundance of opportunities begins to happen. Listen to your gut and learn to trust your own energy. If you have mastered your source energy, kudos! If you haven’t, trust that you can.

Life is full of amazing people and opportunities. I cannot wait to share more Words of Wisdom as Divine Life Motivation grows. The vision I had 4 years ago for this website has finally come true and moving forward I am excited to add Podcasts, You Tube Videos and who knows a book of my own to share with the world. There’s power in focus, power in growth, power in goals and power in YOU!!

Seeing ourselves as responsible for the energy we bring into each situation means we are always connected with our ability to transform our inner and outer realities.

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